STOPPER mini 22

article number 046150

STOPPER sealing plugs

test of durability Fire test Water pressure test Acoustic test

plastic sealing plug

for distance tubes made of plastic or fibre cement ID 21.5 - 23mm tested up to 4 bar Fire test, water pressure test, test for acid resistance, impact sound test

Bucket contains 250 pieces

available in large quantities

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article number:
customs tariff number:
packing unit:
sales quantity unit:
250 Stk
weight per:
Bucket = 5 kg


area of application:

pour diamètre intérieur nominal de 21.5 - 23 mm.



approx. 70 ± 5 Shore A

test certificates/ approvals:

Pressure watertightness

Test report MFPA Leipzig

No. : PB 5.1/15-012


JGS Assessment report

MPA Braunschweig

(1200/442/15c) - Pan dt. 28.10.2015


Fire test

Test report MFPA Leipzig

No.: PB 3.2/ 14-354-1



  • Radon
  • Methan gas
  • UV-radiation
  • Ozon
  • Bitumen

Further resistances are available on request


250 pcs/ bucket

Substances according to the SVHC list contained or proportional weight ≥0.1%:


conform to REACH Guideline:


thermal scope of application:
approx. -35°C up to +70°C
water column (m)
20 m - 2 bar
Class "B2", according to DIN 4102 Teil 1

Class "E" according to DIN-EN 13501-1
In unopened, undamaged original packaging, dry and protected from direct sunlight
Observing local authority regulations, it can be disposed of in domestic waste landfills or incinerated

Required tooling:
Hard rubber mallet: 1500 - 2000 g
Cleaning brush for tube 21.5 - 26 mm ( Art.-Nr.: 046170)
Drive-in aid ( Art.-Nr.: 046180)

Soiled distance tubes must be thoroughly cleaned before installing the STOPPER.
The entire installation area must be properly cleaned as otherwise it will not be possible to drive in the STOPPER to its final depth.

Whether using cones or lip seals, the STOPPER mini 22 can be used as the outer closure of the distance tube.

The STOPPER mini 22 is installed by driving it in with a hard rubber
mallet (weight 1500 - 2000 g) using reasonable force.

If a lip is used, the STOPPER mini 22 must be driven in so that it is flush.
The small surrounding edge of the STOPPER mini 22 must lie flat against the surface of the concrete.

!! The STOPPERS must always be driven in at both ends of the distance tubel!!

If used with a tapered cone, the last bit of the STOPPER mini 22 must be driven into position using a drive-in aid.

The STOPPER mini 22 is then driven in so far that the small surrounding edge is resting against the inner concrete surface.

!! The STOPPERS must always be driven in at both ends of the distance tubel!!

When driving in the second STOPPER mini 22 on the other end of the tube, it may appear that it is not possible to drive it in completely. This is due to compressed air trapped between the two STOPPERS.
If this situation occurs, simply wait and give the air time to escape before continuing to drive in the STOPPER into its final position.

STOPPER MINI in lip in-situ concrete

Download DWG

Download PDF

STOPPER MINI in cone in-situ concrete

Download DWG

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