Puddle flange RONDO RO BASE 160

article number 090984

Puddle Flange Rondo Base

test of durability Water pressure test Radontight

High-pressure sealing collar with only one fastening strap

available in large quantities

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article number:
customs tariff number:
packing unit:
sales quantity unit:
1 Stk
weight per:
pc = 0.22 kg



approx. 1.17 kg/dm³


approx. 55 ± 5 Shore A

tensile strength:

approx. 6.5 N/mm²

elongation at break:

approx. 380%

service temperature range:

approx. -30°C up to +70°C

test certificate / approvals:

 Test report
 MFPA Leipzig
 No.: PB 5.1 / 14-070-3

 Slurry/liquid manure/silage effluent test
 MPA Braunschweig
 (1200/442/15e) – Pan of 28.10.2015
 Alkali resistance
 MPA Braunschweig
 (1200/642/15b) – Pan of 26.01.2016

pressure water-tightness:

4 bar



  • Diluted acids
  • Diluted alkalis
  • Liquid manure and slurry
  • Silage effluent
  • Fermentation mash 
  • Oil and bitumen 
  • Radon 
  • Methane gas 
  • Ozone 
  • Liquids aggressive to concrete 

Further resistances are available on

Substances according to the SVHC list contained or proportional weight ≥0.1%:


conform to REACH Guideline:


Store in a dry place and out of direct
Can be disposed of at municipal waste landfill sites, taking into account the local waste disposal regulations.

The RONDO Base is supplied ready-to-install with a stainless steel clamping strap.
If necessary, clean the outside of the pipe.

Push the RONDO Base onto the end of the pipe and slide along.

The RONDO Base should be mounted centrally on the wall/floor plate.
Always ensure a minimum concrete covering of 5 cm.
The distance to the surrounding reinforcement or other components must be at least 3 cm.

The clamping strap is tightened to approx. 5-6 Nm torque to prevent the RONDO Base from shifting during concreting.
During concreting, ensure thorough sealing around the RONDO Base in order to prevent defects/rock pockets.

RONDO BASE in floor slab

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Rondo Base in-situ concrete wall

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