Lining pipes and accessoires

Hollow pipes of PVC or fibre cement or of stainless steel for the implementation of pipes or pipelines into a construction.

Lining pipes and accessoires

We offer four different versions of lining pipes

  • DURO PLUS a cheap and high pressure lining pipe
  • FASO a lining pipe which is corrugated at the outside for a better bond with the concrete
  • WELLO an active lininig pipe which has two swelling tapes applied outside.
  • STEELO a stainless steel lining pipe with a watertight centre flange.


FASO lining pipe

The fibre cement lining pipes are available immediately in the sizes DN 80 to DN 600. The pipe is smooth on the inside and corrugat...

WELLO active lining pipe

When the use of sealing collars is not possible, lining pipes are installed, which enable the subsequent water-tight lead-through ...

DURO Plus high pressure lining pipe

DURO Plus are high pressure-resistant lining pipes for secure and permanent routing of pipes and cables in buildings. A collar whi...

STEELO stainless steel lining pipe

STEELO lining pipes are manufactured from V2A or V4A stainless steel. The centre fl ange is welded watertight. The lining pipes are...