Accessories for hydrophilic waterstops

Accessories for bentonite and TPE waterstops

Accessories for hydrophilic waterstops
SKU picture Name Description
010050 Swelling tape adhesive Swelling tape adhesive for bentonite swelling tapes.... View Product
010052 POWER swelling tape adhesive POWER swelling tape adhesive for bonding of MASTERSTOP and FLOWSTOP swelling tapes... View Product
010055 swelling tape grid swelling tape grid for Dimension: 20 x 15 mm ... View Product
010060 Swelling tape grid Swelling tape grid for Dimension: 25 x 20 mm... View Product
010065 swelling tape grid "Long Time" swelling tape grid "Long Time" for MASTERSTOP "Long Time" Dimension: 20 x 25 mm... View Product
010080 Nails for bolt-firing tool Nails for bolt-firing tool ... View Product
010090 Nails for manual fastening Nails for manual fastening ... View Product