Formwork accessories

Damp proof courses. Waterproofing for formwork tie points and bearrings

Formwork accessories
  • Damp proof courses
  • STOPPER -Waterproofing for plastic and fibre cement distance tubes
  • STOPPER SCREW - Screwed inner seal for formwork tie-points
  • STOPPER Distance Tubes - Pressurized waterproof plastic distance tube
  • ActiveRings + RONDO MINI  -Waterproofing for plastic and fibre cement distance tubes
  • Impact sound insulation + corrugated bearings

Waterproofing for plastic and fibre cement distance tubes

In concrete formworks. ∎ In the inner area of the building, sealing of the distance tubes with Active Ring or Rondo Mini ∎ In the...

Impact sound insulation + corrugated bearings

Boards, strips and rolls as bearing for static loads with reduced impact sound qualities....

MURO-Top damp proof courses

The barrier against rising damp The advantages: ∎ made of the highly-resistant material polyolefin ∎ protect foundation walls a...


High quality adhesive tapes...

What role do formwork accessories play in reinforced concrete construction?

The requirements for water-impermeable concrete structures are regulated by the corresponding DAfStb guideline (WU guideline). In addition to requirements for the concrete structure itself, requirements for the formwork anchors and tensioning points are defined here. The subject of this guideline is the corresponding planning and execution of the structure in order to fulfil the usage properties and usage requirements specified by the client with regard to the sealing function against water.

Where are formwork accessories used?

Wherever formwork is used and braced, these bracing points must be sealed against the ingress of water and/or noise. If necessary, these seals must also fulfil fire protection requirements.

Prefabricated concrete stairs are installed on bearings to provide sound insulation. We also offer these bearings in our programme, as well as wall barriers that protect against rising damp in masonry.

Our adhesive tapes complete the range of accessories.

How are formwork accessories installed?

Our closures for the formwork clamping points can be installed in various ways. The patented STOPPER SCREW system achieves its tightness by screwing the components together.

The STOPPER series is hammered into the clamping point and seals directly.

STOPPER sealing cones are glued into the clamping point with a special concrete adhesive.