Stopend panel ABS

Stopend panel joint sheet metal ABS. Profiles for in-situ concrete

Stopend panel ABS

I.) The ABS-Profiles with waterstop

The ABS elements consist of perforated sheet metal with integrated coated joint sheet metal

as water barrier

• The ABS element serves as shuttering for the first concrete segment.

• The rough or toothed version ensures a reliable connection of the second concrete segment.

• The coated joint sheet metal eliminates the possibility of water inflow.

ABS stopend panels for wall and foundation shuttering as rough or toothed  joint

The scope of delivery includes 2 fixing clips per element.

All intermediate sizes are available at short notice

ABS deflection profiles for rough or for toothed  joints

For a pressure water-tight transition from the foundation shuttering to the wall


II.) The ABS-Profiles without waterstop consist of a perforated sheet metal 

• Lost formwork for construction joints according to Eurocode 2, prefabricated ready for installation

  • We offer these  ABS Profiles in the versions :

     a) LinkForm rough stopend panels – standard  or reinforced

     b) LinkFix toothed stopend panels – standard  or reinforced

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