Injection hoses/construction chemistry

• Injection hose systems for the waterproofing of working jonts for the reinforcement concrete constructions MASTERTUBE • Injection resins and injection packers. • Universal release agents LIDOL. • External waterproofing for water-tight structures MASTERTEC EasySeal1K.

Injection hoses/construction chemistry

MASTERTUBE Injection hose systems

The MASTERTUBE Injection hose systems make construction joints watertight. The form and structure of the hose profiles ensure a pa...

Injection hose accessoires

Here you find the accessoires for the injection....

PROTECT resin system

Injection resins, adhesives and cleaning agents for injection of injection hoses and injection packers and pressure water-tight bo...

Injection packers + Surface packers

For the waterproofing of cracks afterwards....

Release agent LIDOL for concrete

LIDOL is an environmentally sound universal release agent...

What role do injection hoses and construction chemicals play in reinforced concrete construction?

The white tank is a structure in which the concrete not only fulfils the load-bearing function but also acts as a seal against pressing and non-pressing water (watertight concrete). The requirements for this construction method are regulated in the WU guideline (watertight concrete structures) from the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb). The impermeability of the joints plays a special role in the construction of a white tank. These must be suitably sealed in accordance with the WU guideline, depending on the type of joint. Proof of usability is provided in the form of an abP (general building authority test certificate). The issue of the test certificate provides proof of functionality and defines the area of application for the respective product.

What are injection hoses and construction chemicals used for?

In reinforced concrete construction, the injection hose is installed in construction joints to seal them against pressing and non-pressing water by means of subsequent injection. They can be used in horizontal and vertical joints.

Construction chemicals combines various products and articles for post-injection, as well as concrete release agents and concrete adhesives.

Cracks can also be subsequently sealed using injection packers and injection resin.

How do injection hoses and construction chemicals work?

Our MASTERTUBE YELLOW and MASTERTUBE RED/YELLOW injection tubes are attached to the concrete in the area of the subsequent horizontal or vertical construction joint. Once the concrete work has been completed and cured, a sealant (e.g. PU or EP resin) is injected into the construction joint to permanently seal the joint against pressing and non-pressing water. This is achieved through very fine slits in the injection hose, through which the injection material can escape in the joint.

We also offer accessories such as storage boxes for the venting hose, packers or nipples. We can also offer a particularly environmentally friendly concrete release agent (formwork oil) in the form of our LIDOL BIO, which bears the Blue Angel eco-label.