MASTER-joint sheet metal SFE adjustable
crack inducing element for triple walls

article number 070260

MASTER Joint sheet metal SFG/ SFE/ FE and SRF

Water pressure test

for the corner area
incl. 5 nail plugs 5 / 50
and 4 fixing clips
with adjustable bracket
for wall thickness 25 - 40 cm

pressure watertight test certification

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article number:
customs tariff number:
packing unit:
sales quantity unit:
2.5 m
weight per:
pc = 4.8 kg

St 37, galvanized
special coating: polymer resin fabric-reinforced


solid, sticky

length of joint sheet metal:

2.50 m

width of joint sheet metal:

90+90 mm

length of support rail:

2.00 m


width of support rail:

120 - 210 mm (adjustable)


thickness of joint sheet metal:

Approx. 0.6 mm

thickness of special coating:

Approx. 0.8 mm

total thickness:

Aprrox. 2.1 mm


test certificate / approvals:

 Test report
 MFPA Leipzig

suitable for zones with frequently varying water levels:


corresponds to:

Utility class A for the wear classes 1 and
 2 in accordance with the WU guideline


80 pcs per palette

For incomplete pallets on disposable pallets, wrapped in foil


thermal scope of application:
-10°C up to + 50°C
Up to max. 2 bar (20 m water column)
Store in undamaged and unopened
original packaging in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
Can be disposed of at municipal waste landfill sites, taking into account the local waste disposal regulations.

The cavity wall elements are positioned  with VB joint sheet metal acting as the foundation/wall waterproofing element until reaching the corner area.

The SFE profile is set vertically and overlapped with the joint sheet metal (overlap ≥ 5 cm).
The geometry of the mounting brackets is optimised for installation in the corner area.

The adjustable mounting brackets are adjusted to fix them on the face of the cavity wall.

The wall formwork is drilled in order to fix the mounting bracket.

The mounting bracket is fixed with a drive-in plug.

The overlapping area on the floor/wall joint sheet metal is secured with two fixing clips.

Installation of the SFE profile is complete; the next cavity wall element can be placed.

Status: 23.03.2022

Installation situation

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suitable accessories

MASTER-joint sheet metal angle 90 º

prefabricated angle 90 ◦ with fixing rail ...

Joint sheet metal VB angle 90 º

prefabricated angle element 90 ° ...

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